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  • Herds/Conversions/Foundation Stock

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    At SIDF we assist our clients with sound advice to bring together forward contract agreements in advance of the May/June delivery.

    Our Dairy Stock Agents confidently monitor the agreement from the time the contract is secured through until delivery. SIDF have an exclusively designed procedure that ensures the contract is project-managed.

    The collective experience of our team is bought together to ensure contracts receive absolute care and attention to detail.

  • Export

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    We have various options available to export dairy stock. We have built relationships with several companies for exporting stock. Our SIDF agents co-ordinate the deal and work with our clients to ensure the process runs smoothly.

  • Replacement Stock

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    We assist our clients in buying and selling dairy stock.

    Mixed aged cows, in-calf heifers, heifer calves and carry over cows for ongoing herd development and productivity.

  • Culls

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    SIDF has developed excellent relationships with a South Island meat- works and we offer a service to move your culls efficiently. Please call one of our Dairy Stock Agents or the office and we will organise to have your culls collected. Our administration operation organises transport and co-ordinates with the meatworks, to get culls away as soon as possible.

  • Bobby Calves

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    SIDF works closely with local meat works to move bobby calves off farms regularly and quickly throughout the calving season.

    In conjunction with the works we provide and deliver ear tags prior to calving, and collate tallies and co-ordinate trucking firms daily during the season.

    Our dedicated Bobby Mobile Phone means clients can call or text at any time to leave a message regarding pickups. Our follow up means we offer a very reliable and personalised service.

  • Breeding Bulls

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    Our team of agents have numerous options available for service bulls – purchase and lease opportunities.

    Our administration systems ensure that all documentation, testing, vaccinations and delivery are to our clients satisfaction.

  • Grazing – Year Round

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    SIDF offers a comprehensive year round grazing option for heifers and carry over cows. Over the years we have developed relationships with some “great” graziers operating excellent grazing blocks.

    Our agents visit the grazier’s property regularly weighing, recording and administrating animal health.

    We monitor progress against industry target growth weights to ensure animals are progressing well. SIDF regularly provides weight graphs and animal health details to both the owner and the grazier.

    SIDF has a high standard and our agents maintain this in the field.

  • Grazing - Winter

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    SIDF has established a range of winter graziers and have winter feed options available each season.

  • Valuations

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    With up to date knowledge of the dairy stock market pricing, along with a comprehensive understanding of dairy animals - SIDF can provide independent valuations of livestock and herds for all purposes.